Mobius Display, LP launched an innovative commercial LED display sign that is "Impossible to Ignore" it has a 360 degree field of view and can be controlled wirelessly through the internet. From this simple LED display we have grown into an indoor electronic bulletin board services company.

Anyone can benefit from the Sky Messenger

  • Retail In-Store Marketing device, It’s an eye-catching "Impossible to Ignore" message delivery system.
  • We work with local newspapers to leverage their advertising client base into a remarkable Digital-Out-Of-Home Advertising (DOOH) for their neighborhood markets.
  • Use it for a Kiosk location inside malls and public areas
  • Use it as a Factory/Safety communicator in hard to hear locations.


Displays In Action

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It’s flashy, it’s catchy, it’s everything I need to get peoples attention in my store. I have noticed more people buying the weekly specials ever since I placed the Sky Messenger in my store.

Dewitt, Owner, Downtown Wine and Spirits

Oh yeah, I have seen that fan, it’s super cool! I always look at it to see what's scrolling across.

Samantha Cook, Patron, Chickie's and Pete's

It’s awesome. I needed a cab home and there it was flashing in bright numbers above me.

Ryan Panfil, Patron, Xfinity Live

About Us

Mobius Display, LP was founded by 5 wildly creative and dynamic people who can’t sit still and are always tinkering with new ideas.


Webb Stone

Managing Director/COO


    Chris Huff

    Managing Director/Research & Engineering Services


      Dewey Parsons

      Managing Director/Sales & Marketing

        It’s an eye-catching “Impossible to Ignore” message delivery system

        Business Opportunities

        In-Store Marketing

        In-Store Marketing

        An incredible Point of sale electronic billboard. It literally grabs everyone’s attention. Get your message across with The Sky Messenger!

        Trade Shows & Rental Events

        Trade Shows & Rental Events

        Why not let The Sky Messenger work for you at an event, Sky Messenger will draw the crowds to you! They come looking for the “Letters floating in the sky!”

        Factory/Safety Communicator

        Factory/Safety Communicator

        Have the Sky Messenger grab the attention of anyone in loud and noisy environments, The Sky Messenger can be seen from hundreds of feet away visually and serves as a beacon in the sky.

        Anyone Can Benefit from the SkyMessenger

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        Mobius Display, LP

        PO Box 517
        Warrington, PA, 18976
        P: 888.746.1455
        E: info@mobiusdisplay.com